About Us


Thank you for visiting and may we offer you a warm and friendly welcome to our place The Radyr Court. 

Just like our new venue, we hope you will find the site inviting and worth joining us. The area has gone too long without a quality establishment and we are very pleased to present to you what we call "more than just a pub".

We are 4 local lads with many (probably too many) years of socialising and experiencing great times and when the opportunity to take over one of our locals that was very near to closure came about, we decided to act with the intent of becoming the Number 1 venue in the area.  We will not stop until we achieve our goal.

Due to both neglect and mismanagment this grand old building had fallen far from grace, so our plan to create a SAFE & HAPPY place in a very tasteful setting came about with the intent of restoring the building to somewhere good for the neighborhood.

This large venue allows us to host a wide range of gatherings and events:

  • A quality RESTAURANT serving Lunch through to Dinner everyday from 12pm.
  • A traditional BAR
  • Private Suite
  • Al fresco Terrace and beer garden
  • Quality live artists

We had the help of the well known designer, Tim Rice of www.timricedesign.com  to deliver us a special setting that has delighted both ourselves and our customers.

So, we sincerely hope you join us, sample our hospitality and become a regular. If there is anything you want or would like to see in addition, please tell us, we value your opinion and want to continually improve until we become THE BEST.

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you have a big one, we want to share it with you! So if you have a 40TH, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90 or 100TH birthday, the birthday boy or girl can eat on us. If 6 + people come and join you, we will also supply complimentary bubbly. To qualify, become a member of www.radyrcourt.co.uk it’s free and easy (This is a genuine good will gesture to the community we serve).